Evalution 1: 3D Image analysis (In vivo test)


The Tightening effect of UniQue Face Lifting Serum at 3% in a serum was evaluated on the upper side of the hand. Skin relief was analyzed bij 3-D images.

The histogram on the right side of the picture shows the distribution of the pixel level of the image.

The bluer the shade the more uneven the skin is. A red/ yellow shade indicated a smoothing of the skin.

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Evaluation 2: Crow’s feet test (In vivo test)


A panel (12 volunteers, from 3 to 52 tears old) applied a serum containing 3% UniQue Face Lifting Serum to the eye contour area.

Photographs of the panellists crow’s feet were taking using a digital camera before and 5 minutes after application of the product.

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Evalution 3: sensory panel test


A panel (12volunteers, from 35 to 52 years old) applied three serums to the eye contour area:

UniQue Face Lifting Serum at 3% in a serum,
two market references (serum 1 and serum 2).

The panel answered a questionnaire after the product dried.

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